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About Front-End Web Technologies

Front-end web technologies play a pivotal role in today’s tech-drivenworld, as they are the gateway to engaging user experiences. HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap & ReactJS serve as the building blocks for creating visually appealing and interactive websites. With the constant evolution of these technologies, staying current is essential for web developers. Our course equips you with the skills and knowledge to navigate this dynamic landscape and craft the user-friendly, responsive websites that are integral to the digital age.

Do you know?

  The Indian market is witnessing a significant demand for front-
end developers, with job postings consistently exceeding
15,000 openings per month, making it a high-growth sector in
the tech industry.

Course Elements

We Offer

Group Learning

Projects With Handson Experience


Guaranteed Internship

Learning Journey in Study Comrade

Guided By Industry Experts

Internship Offers​

Interesting Case Studies

Learn Practically

Group Discussions​


Coding Challenges

Major & Mini Projects


Learn Front End Development today

Learn front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) for creating appealing user interfaces

Mini Projects

Portfolio Website

Resume Buiding

Blogging Website

E-Commerce Website


Frontend Developer

Web Designer

UI/UX Designer


Web Content Manager

Digital Marketing Professional


Enjoy Group Learning Experience

Track the Progress of your Study partner

Interact with your Buddies and have the Fun Time Learning Experience

Discuss with your Study Partner vua Audio or Video Chat during your Course Time!

Frequently Asked Quetions

Yes, You can Enjoy Group Learning Experience with Your Friends and Build Your Career Together in Study Comrade

We are having Different Team Sizes as per Your Team Size. Available Team Sizes in study Comrade are Solo(1 Candidate), Duo(2 Candidates), Trio(3 Candidates), Squad(4 candidates) and Mega(5 candidates).

Yes, You can Join as a Solo for any Course in Study Comrade if you wish to Study Alone.

You can go Alone to go Fast, but to go Far you need a Team, and we call them Study Comrades!

Here are the available courses in Study Comrade right now:

  1. Front End Development
  2. Python Programming
  3. Java programming
  4. Data Analytics
  5. Full Stack Java Developer.

Vision of
Study Comrade

The Vision of Study Comrade is to make the Learning Journey more Collaborative, Funnier, Practical and Affordable!

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